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Here are the most common questions we are getting.

How does the app work?

The value of any financial instrument (a currency pair, a company stock, a commodity like gold or wheat, etc.) varies continuously. OhMyGeorge lets you easily speculate on the increase or decrease of a financial instrument’s value so that you can try to make some profits off these variations.

  1. Choose the amount you want to invest (maximum amount of risk you are willing to take) on your trade;
  2. Choose RISE if you think the instrument’s value will rise in the next few minutes/hours, or FALL if you think it will fall;
  3. Tap GO to open the trade whenever you feel the timing is right.

Your trade will then be placed, and your screen will turn to red. In the big, round, button is indicated the ongoing profit or loss that you will experience if you close your trade by tapping on the button. At the beginning, it’s always a small loss. That’s because the broker, who executes the trades, is taking a fee for its service. The trade is closed automatically if the ongoing potential loss reaches the maximum amount you defined.

If the instrument’s value moves enough in the direction you predicted, you will completely recover that fee and start seeing some potential profits (your screen will turn to green). You can take them at any time by tapping the round stop button.

While it is very hard to be right for every single trade, it is possible to be profitable over a statistically relevant number of trades if you manage your risk and your loss/profit ratio well. The whole concept of OhMyGeorge is, through experimentation, to learn how to define a winning strategy and how to control your emotions in order to stick to that strategy. Easier said than done! Your trading stats will help us measure your progress.

“Investing isn’t about beating others at their game, it’s about controlling yourself at your own game!” – Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal.

How is it different from other trading apps?

Compared to other trading apps, OhMyGeorge takes away the maths by pre-setting the most complex parameters, automatically sets stop orders to protect your capital and combines more than 20 technical indicators into one unbiased and easy to understand trend signal to help you make informed decisions on the go.

Is it free to trade with your app?

Yep, OhMyGeorge is absolutely and completely free, baby! You can trade for fun and risk-free in demo/gaming mode, no [email protected]!%ing credit card required whatsoever. We also do not charge anything for using our trading platform (rather than those proposed by your broker) to trade with real money.

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Does the app use real data?

Yes! Both demo-trading (play mode) and real-money trading (real mode) use real-time live market data that we pull and stream to your device in real-time.

What are the market opening hours?

The currency market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

BKK/JKT time: the currency market opens on Monday morning between 5:00am and 5:15am and closes on Saturday morning at  4:55am.

Central European Time: the currency market opens on Sunday evening between 11:00pm and 11:15pm and closes on Friday evening at 10:55pm.

During the weekend, we stream historical data, so you can keep practicing in play mode (no real money trading during the weekend).

Can I withdraw the money I won in play mode?

Ahah, well tried. No, the play mode is, as the name suggests, a pure “game” (or rather, simulation), so there’s no real money involved. You didn’t deposit any real money, so you cannot make any real profits. Make sense, right?

In real money trading mode (coming soon!) it is, of course, possible, but everything will be managed from your broker’s admin page since it is there that you will be able to deposit and withdraw money.

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Can I trade with real money?

Not yet! But soon, you will be able to link a brokerage account and trade with real money from the OhMyGeorge app (if your country or residence is eligible)! 

We will never get access to the money you deposit on the brokerage account you link with OhMyGeorge! What happens is that instead of trading directly from the broker’s trading station/app, you will be sending trade orders from the OhMyGeorge interface to your broker’s servers, who will execute your trades.

Your broker will not charge you anything to set up the connexion, and no markup is applied on your trades if you use OhMyGeorge to place your orders: using the OhMyGeorge app is totally transparent and free!

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Are you regulated?

We are not a financial institution, we are a technology company. Our mission is to build trading software that makes financial markets accessible and fun for the new generation of investors. Rest assured that we only work with regulated financial institutions. 

How does OhMyGeorge make money?

We do not charge anything to trade in play mode or in real-money mode (coming soon!) with the OhMyGeorge app! We make our money on the broker who executes your trades if you trade real money through the OhMyGeorge app, or as an affiliate if you choose to trade with one of the brokers we recommend.

When you trade the real money of your brokerage account through the OhMyGeorge app, the broker is paying OhMyGeorge a commission based on the volume you’ve traded.

It is the very same business model than Uber or AirBnB, who are improving the experience of booking a taxi or of renting a private accommodation. We are in the business of improving the experience of placing trades!

Who is behind OhMyGeorge?

We are a team of programmers and digital marketers backed by prominent financial markets experts. Learn more about us on our team page.

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