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Easy to play, hard to master.

The goal

OhMyGeorge is a financial app that lets you experience currency trading, easily. Your goal is to repetitively accumulate profits from the variations of one currency’s value against another.

The chart

The chart shows you, in real-time, how much 1 EUR is worth in terms of USD value. If the value rises, it means the EUR is worth more than before, if on the other hand the value falls, it means the EUR is worth less than before.

Select an amount to invest

Choose a RISE or FALL prediction

Open a trade whenever you’re ready!

The colors

The whole interface switches to red when you’re losing, green when you’re winning. You will notice that you always experience a small loss when initiating a trade: just like for real trading, that’s the commission (taken by the intermediary who executes the trade) that is simulated.

To make some profits, you’ll need the value of the EUR to move beyond the break-even line (- – – -). Beware of the total loss line (⎯⎯⎯⎯), if the value of the EUR reaches it, you lose your investment entirely (and potentially slightly more if the market moves really fast).

The money

OhMyGeorge uses a multiplier effect so that even small variations can generate big returns. The more you invest on a trade, the faster you can make some profits, but of course, the faster you can also experience losses if your prediction was wrong. Your level of risk is defined by the amount you invest, so plan carefully!

The strategy

The secret to being successful at OhMyGeorge, and at trading in general, is to manage your money wisely and treat the cash you have as your lifeline. It doesn’t matter how many times you win or lose, what matters is how big you win when you win, and how little you lose when you lose. Don’t trade like a newbie, let your profits run and cut your losses early!

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Worth Saying

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